Jun 13, 2011

Sharepoint List Data as XML

  When working with the Sharepoint List/Library, sometimes we need the xml specification of the list/library data. A simple example I can give here is like when we are working with a column in the list, later if the name of the column is changed, we will try to get the value using its current name but we can get the result only when we use its original name which was given at the time of column creation.

In that case to find the actual name of the column we can use these steps to know the original name.

This is not only the case where we need the XML data of the list, there are some other cases like when we are working with script to get the sharepoint data from its webservices, we will need this a lot.

These are the steps to find the XML view of a Sharepoint list /library
  • 1.      Find the GUID of the list/library
  • 2.      Place the GUID Iin XML view link

Step 1: Find the GUID of the list

Go to view all site contentàList settingsà in Url you will find


Replace %7B with “{“, %2D with “–“and   %7D with “}”

So your GUID looks like ={ccd41672-d08d-41f4-88a4-d9d8c741b0c6}.
Get full information here

Step 2: Place your list GUID in this url

http://yourservername: port/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={345e3a5e-6855-4ef7-b901-cb3f0a196872}&XMLDATA=TRUE

This is my Document Library

This is the XML view of the library

Here you can see the columns as attributes and the data(items) as Rows with their nodes.

Get more information on this here

As I explained above if you change the name of the column the rs:name will be changed , but the name will be remains same always. 


Jun 9, 2011

WorkFlow QuickStep in Ribbon

What is a QuickStep:

"This is a button in the Ribbon with which you can initiate the designer workflow".
 This will be very useful when you have

1. A work flow for the item which need to start manually and
2. The selection of a particular workflow among other workflows which associated for the item

As name itself you can initiate the workflow quickly by avoiding some of the usual steps.

Steps to create a QuickStep:

1.  I have created a custom list called “Products”

2. Added the columns Quantity (of type number) and Description (of type single line of text)

Add some test entries in to the list like this

Now I am going to create a workflow with Quickstep in ribbon for this list.

Select List tab from List Tools Category in the Ribbon .And select the Quickstep as shown below from the ribbon .

Sharepoint designer will be open with the below window

Fill the details. Here I am creating a new workflow.(Instead you can start the existed workflow tooSelect start a new workflow option).

Button Label: This is the text which will appear on the button.

Button Image: This is the Background image for the button (here I am selecting a picture sharepoint 2010 logo from my picture library).

Taskes some time to process

A workflow will be created with the name “Button-DemoQuickStep”

Add the conditions and actions (as usual) .Here I m setting a condition as If my quantity greater than 5 I am updating my description field to the “The quantity is more than 5”. 

Then Click Publish

Open the Products List. Then add a new item

A Item will be created.


Select the Items tab in List tools part in Ribbon. You will find the Button in the ribbon with the name DemoQuickstep as we given in previous steps

Select the created item and click on the Demo QuickStep button


Start the WorkFlow. Then the workflow will be run and the description will be changed as we mentioned in workflow action.

So..In this way we can create a quickstep button to start the workflow.