Mar 30, 2015

Run as Different User in SharePoint Designer 2007

Hello Guys,

As all you know, sometimes the designer takes the domain logged in user credentials by default without prompting for credentials. And also when you try to open the site again, it takes these credentials by default and it won’t prompt for credentials. 

Initially , I have tried these below two options to resolve this, but no luck 

  • Changing the browser option from "Automatic Login Only in Intranet Zone "to "Prompt for name and Password" dint work. (in IE you can find @ Internet Options --> Security-->Custom Level)
  • Deletion of Designer Cache ( Here is the link to delete)

Here is the solution to this issue is, open the designer executable with different user, here are the steps

Go to the path
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

And select the SPDESIGN.EXE , and then select Shift+RightClick , then you can see the option ‘Run as Different User’ like this 

Hope it helps ...!!