Mar 2, 2011

BCS in Sharepoint 2010-Part 3

....Continuation to BCS in Sharepoint 2010-Part2

External Content Type creation is completed .Now create a list using this content type.

Select  Create Lists & Froms option in the Ribbon

Give the name, description etc as below

Click Ok.
A list will be created with this name( EmployeeInfo_BCS) in the site.

The list creation is done. But the logged in user not having the permission to this.So it is showing error "Access denied by Business Data Connectivity".

Follow the below steps to give the permissions

Go to Central Administration-->Manage service applications under Application Management -->
then Select Business Data Connectivity Service-->Select our External Content type.And Right Click on it and

Select Set Permissions
And add the required users and give the permission as above. Now Click Ok and Back to your list (EmployeeInfo_BCS).

You will find the data. (It is similar to your database table).If you do any modifications in database it will be effected here.

Note :Here I have done Read List and Read List Item Operations only for the External content type so I can only read the data from the external database. You can create the other operations like Create, Update,Delete etc as shown below.

So that  if you create,update or delete the items in the Sharepoint  List it will be effected to your external data source.

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