Mar 17, 2011

Making Created By and Modified By as Annonymous for the SharePoint List

Hi Guys,

This is a small Post i am writing to explain you  how to show the CreatedBy and ModifiedBy fields to Annonymous(***) for the Sharepoint Lists.

This is my Tasks List. In this I created a list item. By default it shows who is created it and modified it.

Now I need to show this Created By and Modified By as Annonymous.

This is the code to  do this.

This is will be done by making ShowUser property of a list object making false as shown above.
So i get the result like this

This is a common scenario we need when we work with polls/surveys in sharePoint, when the users should be vote as anonymous.(Note : Also there are other ways to set as anonymous for the survey list in sharepoint)

Enjoy Reading..:)

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