Mar 4, 2011

Migrating SharePoint 2007 (Moss) site to SharePoint 2010 - Part-1

Hi Guys,

Here I am going to explain how to upgrade an existing MOSS site (SharePoint 2007) to SharePoint 2010.

Before going to do this we need to have some basic idea on the types of upgradation. Basically there are three types of approaches to upgrade in to Sharepoint 2010

1. In-place Upgrade
2. Database attach Upgrade
3. Hybrid Upgrade

Based on the environment and the other factors we will determine which approach is suitable for us. You can find more information regarding this in TechNet here).

Here I am explaining Database attach approach.These are the steps involved in this

1. Run the preupgradecheck in your MOSS environment
2. Backup the moss content database
3. Create a Site in Sharepoint 2010 server and remove its content database
4. Run Test-SPContentDatabase on 2010 server to analyze the mosscontentdb readiness to Upgradation
5. Add the moss contentdb to 2010 site
6. Visual upgrade to 2010 look and feel  (If you need)
7. Analyze If any errors related to customization ,missing files etc.

This is my MOSS site before upgradation.(Here Title: DemoSite07. Content Database :Wss_Content_5485)

The Prerequisites to Upgrade:

MOSS Server should have service pack2 Installed on it, without sp2 the preupgradecheck will not run.

Step 1:

The preupgradecheck command will give us the information about the Sharepoint 2007 Farm and the actions that need to be taken before we upgrade to sharepoint 2010. This is a nice tool provided by Microsoft, which will analyse and gives us the report in html too.

Here are the steps to use this.Open command prompt and go to the bin directory (here mine in C)

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN>   stsadm –o preupgradecheck

More on Preupgradecheck rules find  here .If you get success message you can continue for the upgradation.
Step 2:

Take the Backup of your moss site's content database(WSS_Content_5485). 

Go to SQL server-->Select your contentdb(Wss_Content_5485)-->Tasks-->Backup.

  Select a location to keep your backup.

Now Copy this Backup and place in Sharepoint 2010 server.

Step 3:
Create a site in 2010 .(Here Title : Demo10, Content Db :Wss_Content_4311)

And remove the content database (Wss_Content_4311) attached to it.(through Sql or Central admin)

Central Administration-->Application Management-->Select your Web application-->Remove the content database

Click OK on above.And now restore your moss content database in to 2010.

Now go to sqlserver and restore your Moss Content Database (Wss_Content_5485) to the 2010 database Wss_Content_4311. (or you can restore to new database/any other existing , since anyhow we will attach this database tio our 2010 site through addcontentdb command in future.)

Go to sql -->Right Click on Database-->RestoreTo Database : select Wss_Content_4311.
Select from device and locate the path where your moss content database present and click Ok

Step 4

Now run the Test-SPContentDatabase PowerShell cmdlet to test your database( the above  restored moss contentdb) is ready to upgrade or not . It will tell you what are the missing files ,features, assemblies etc.

In 2010 server Go to Start Button -->All programs-->Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products-->SharePoint 2010 Management Shell --> Run as Administrator(it is must otherwise gives u access denied error).

Run the below command in Powershell :

Test-SPContentDatabase  –Name    -WebApplication  

In Our case : Test-SpContentDatabase   -Name  Wss_Content_4311  -WebApplication  http://trainingsp2:4311.

It will give you all the information of missed files and assemblies etc..

Continuation to this is on my next post Migrate Moss site  to SharePoint 2010 site part-2

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