Aug 12, 2011

Meta Data Management Sharepoint 2010-Part1

Hi Guys

 In this post I am going to explain you a small concept of managing the meta data in sharepoint 2010. Here I will show a demo of the auto suggest option for a column using the metadata. In Sharepoint 2010 there is a lot of scope to managing the data/content when compared to moss.

The Sharepoint meta data hierarchy is organized in this way

• TermStore
• Group
• Termset and
• Term

To say In brief The Term Store contain Groups and the Groups contain Term Sets and the Term Sets conatin terms.The terms can also contain other terms.

Now I am creating the above mentioned by using the Term Store Management tool from Site Actions page ,follow the below steps
Go Site Actions—Site settingsàSelect Term Store Management under Site Administration section.

If you encounter this error, you need to create the Metadata service. If you already have check whether it is started or not.
Here I am going to create a new Managed Meta Data Service
Go to Central AdminàManage Service Applications under Application Management Section
Select Manage Service Applications

Then select New in Ribbonàthen select Managed Meta Data service.

Give a name (Here I am giving Managed Meta Data Service)
Specify the Database server; Select the New Application pool (which is recommended) on which this service will run. Give the name and specify the service account and then click ok.

Make sure that the Managed Meta Data Web service in start mode.
To check this
Central adminàManage services on server under system settings section and select the Managed meta data web service and start if it is stopped

Now Open the Termset
Select the Managed Meta Service and right click on that to create a group.

I have given name as Colors-Group.
Give the description and specify the group manager and contributor accounts

Here the group managers are the users who have contribute permission to add the users in to contributor group.
The contributors are the users, they can edit the termsests and terms in a group.
Now Create a Termset under this Group

Give Name as Color-Termset

Fill other information Description, owner, contact, stakeholders etc...See the description on left side to more information about these things and click Save.
Now create terms under this Termset

Give Red  and Fill other details in the right pane. Like this create more terms names.

So with this the Group, Termset and terms creation is over.  

How to use these Termsests in our Lists?
Here I am going to use this metadata for a column in my list.
I have a list called products with the columns Product name, Cost and Warranty. I am going to create a new column called ProductColor which will use this (the above created) metadata.
Go to List settings (or from ribbon) select create column
Give title as Product Color and select Type as Managed Metadata

See the continuation to this post Meta Data Management Sharepoint 2010-Part2


  1. Nice post Mr Purna. Keep posting. Love to see more posts from you.

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