Aug 20, 2011

Missed Webparts Information while migration from Moss to SharePoint 2010


In this post I am going to explain you how to get the missed webparts information after placing moss content database to SharePoint 2010 while upgrading process. This is a very useful information about the missed webparts when you are working with the migration process.

In Powershell when you run the Test-SPContenetDataBase cmdlet to check the readiness of the moss content database against the created 2010 site , you will get report with all missed setupfiles, missed webparts etc etc..there you will be provided with the ID of the webpart.The below query gives you the full information of the webpart such as the page where it resides, the status of the webpart like whether it is included in the page or not etc...

Here is the sql query to get more information of the webpart by providing its type id at highlighted place

Select SiteId, AllDocs.DirName as SiteUrl, AllDocs.LeafName as PageUrl, AllDocs.DirName + '/' + AllDocs.LeafName as Url, WebParts.tp_DisplayName as DisplayName, WebParts.tp_IsIncluded as Included,WebParts.tp_Deleted as Deleted FROM [dbo].[AllDocs] INNER JOIN [dbo].[WebParts] ON [AllDocs].Id = [WebParts].[tp_PageUrlID] Where [WebParts].[tp_WebPartTypeId] ='44c7b3b5-185f-c771-94fc-fcfdc52ceed5' Order By Url

The output will be like this

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