Apr 9, 2013

Error in Installing SharePoint 2013 : Failed to Create Sample Data. An exception of type System.NullReferenceException was thrown.


While I am installing sharepoint server 2013 on my windows server 2008 r2 i have faced this issue. I installed the prerequisites and then while running the sharePoint configuration wizard i got  this error "Failed to create sample data" .

I resolved this issue by doing these workarounds.

Check the these below 2 services started or not, if not start them

  • AppFabric Caching Service
  • SQL Server Agent for SharePoint database

And then run the below command through powershell to run the configuration wizard

psconfig.exe -cmd Configdb Create SkipRegisterAsDistributedCacheHost

Once it is completed you will see successfull message like this.


  1. Couldn't enable 'AppFabric Caching Service' - came up with 'Access denied'.

    Just enabled 'SQL Server Agent for SharePoint database', restarted the installer and it completed this time.

  2. run the service as local system account instead of Network Service

  3. Didn't work for me at all. This stinks. Here's my error after trying to run the upgrade after Project Server 2013 install, using the Powershell command above:

    Total number of configuration settings run: 4
    Total number of successful configuration settings: 3
    Total number of unsuccessful configuration settings: 1
    Successfully stopped the configuration of SharePoint Products.
    Configuration of SharePoint Products failed. Configuration must be performed be
    fore you use SharePoint Products. For further details, see the diagnostic log l
    ocated at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\1
    5\LOGS\PSCDiagnostics_3_3_2016_9_29_49_158_1413224595.log and the application ev
    ent log.

    1. Hi,
      The solution/workaround which i mentioned above is for sharepoint 2013 on windows server 2008 r2 only..

      Check the log file as mentioned in the error, you may get more information regarding the issue...

  4. 'SQL Server Agent for SharePoint database' keep stopping
    configuration failed
    any help plz