Jun 28, 2013

New Event Recievers in SharePoint 2013

Hi guys,

This is a small post about the new event recievers which are introduced in 2013. As many of us know, eariler there was no default mechanism to trap the events that are raised for the security related activities like  user addition, group addition,Inheritance breaking etc ..

Generally , In daily project works we get a situation to track and do some custom actions/functionalites when the inheritance is broken and when a new user is added to the global groups etc..At that times we used to write a custom solutions for them. But from 2013 we can achieve these functionalities using the default OOB event rx.

To achieve this, our custom security event rx  class should be derived from SPSecurityEventReceiver Base class.

These are the methods which are availabe with this SPSecurityEventReceiver class.Here are categorized as user, group ,role and inheritance..

User Events:
  • GroupUserAdded
  • GroupUserAdding
  • GroupUserDeleted
  • GroupUserDeleting 
Group Events:
  • GroupAdded
  • GroupAdding
  • GroupDeleted
  • GroupDeleting
  • GroupUpdated
  • GroupUpdating 
Role Events:
  • RoleAssignmentAdded
  • RoleAssignmentAdding
  • RoleAssignmentDeleted
  • RoleAssignmentDeleting
  • RoleDefinitionAdded
  • RoleDefinitionAdding
  • RoleDefinitionDeleted
  • RoleDefinitionDeleting
  • RoleDefinitionUpdated
  • RoleDefinitionUpdating 
Inheritance Events:
  • InheritanceBreaking
  • InheritanceBroken
  • InheritanceReset
  • InheritanceResetting
Find more info about this class from msdn.


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