Dec 20, 2013

Reusable Content in SharePoint 2013

Hi guys,

This is a small feature to reuse some kind of HTML and text in various places from a centralized storage when you are authoring the documents. Basically this is a list which is available with the publishing sites.

Reusable Content list have these columns

Title :  This is the name of your content.

Comments:  like a description about your content like for which purpose you are writing this...

Content Category: To categorize your content in to different groups. This is a choice filed you can add your own new category by editing this column in list settings. (List SettingsàClick on this columnà Add new category in the choice box)

Automatic Update: This is an important column, which says that if you check this box this content will be added as a “read-only” reference in the instances (where we use this) and if any changes made to this original content this will be applied to all those instances.. If we not check this box, then this content will be used as a copy in the instances and the content in the instances can be modified directly and also the automatic updates will not be done in the instances if we change this original content…

Show in drop - down menu: If we select this option , this reusable content item will appear as a dropdown menu in editing mode of the page this gives conten authors a quick way to add this item in to the page.

Reusable HTML : This is the field where you will add your content which needs to be reused.

Follow these steps to create and use the reusable content.

Reusable content Item creation.

Here I am filling some info related to SharePoint introduction

Here I created some content and checked the automatic update column .

Now , how can we use this content .?

Create a webpage and add the content like this

Assume, we are using this content in 20 pages. And if there is any small change just like a spelling mistake in the content, we need to change the content in all those 20 pages page by page . And also since this is a Publishing Site every page needs an approval after the change..this needs so much efforts. But with this cool feature(with automatic update option) you can change at one place which will be applied across all the 20 pages like this..

Here I am changing the heading SharePoint Overview to SharePoint 2013 Introduction..

See how it applied on our webpage..

Note : This feature also available with 2010. And this can be done programatically too...

So start using of this feature and save your time..!!!


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  1. Why is the reusable content grayed-out within a web part ?