Feb 27, 2014

The Option for the SharePoint 2013 workflow platform is not available because the workflow service not configured on the server with new sitecollection


This error you get generally if you are not configured the WorkFlow Manager.But here i am giving solution for the unavailability of the sp2013 workflow option with the new sitecollection 

Here i configured the Workflow manager and I registered the workflow service too. But still I am not seeing the option of SharePoint 2013 workflow in the designer with the new site collection i created.

The reason for this is , the template which we choose while creating the sitecollection(in my case blank template) might not have all the dependency features to create the SP2013  workflow.

To resolve this issue activate the " Workflow Service Store" Feature.This is hidden by default.

Below is the powershell command to activate it.

Enable-SPFeature -Identity WorkflowServiceStore –Url http://spserver:8899/sites/pcm

Close and reopen the designer, you will be finding the option like this.

Hope helps some one.