Apr 19, 2014

Un authorized Response Code with the Call HTTP Webservice Activity with REST call while accessing the Parent web's list contents in SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow


If you are accessing the list from a Parent web(In my case this is root web too) using Call HTTP Web service activity in SharePoint designer 2013 workflow with default headers you will get the Response Code as "Un Authorized".

In this way i am getting the Parent web's list items in the HTTP Call Web Service Activity in my workflow ..


       I logged the Response Code to Workflow History to check what the response it is giving.. But after running the workflow on a item,  I found that it is giving the Response Code as "Un Authorized" .

To fix this issue authorization issue, add another header key called Authorization with empty value for the request header along with the accept and content type keys.

After adding this , got the Response Code as OK and im able to retrieve the parent web list items perfectly in  my current web.

Hope this helps in saving some one's time...!