Jun 8, 2014

Getting Data from Managed Metadata Column using JavaScript Client Side Object Model


In this post I am explaining a small topic, how to get data from managed metadata filed using JavaScript client object model.

The reason to write this post is, generally if it is multi data column we check the count of the items and loop through it to get the values of it. But here with meta data columns the syntax is little different, we need to use child item count and loop through it and get the label property of it.

Generally we contain two types of settings for Manged Metadata column

Single valued Metadata Column (setting: Allow Multiple Values – False) : This contains single value
Multivalued Metadata Column (setting:    Allow Multiple Values – True)  : This contains single/multiple values.

Code to get the data from Singlevalued Metadata Column

Here the column name is 'ProductName'

//Single Valued Metadata column
var resultProductName = "";
        var _ProductName =  listItem.get_item('ProductName')
        if (typeof _ProductName !== 'undefined' && _ProductName !== null) 
            resultProductName = listItem.get_item('ProductName').Label;
  alert("Product Name " + resultProductName);

Code to get the data from Multivalued Metadata Column

  //Multi Valued Metadata column with single/multiple values
Here the column name is 'ProductColors'
 var resultColorString = "";
        var _ProdColors = listItem.get_item('ProductColors');    
        if (typeof _ProdColors !== "undefined" && _ProdColors !== null) {
            if (_ProdColors._Child_Items_.length > 0)
                if (_ProdColors._Child_Items_.length == 1)// If single value
                    var color = _ProdColors._Child_Items_[0].Label;
                    resultColorString = color;                  
                else// If multi value
                    for (var i = 0; i < _ProdColors._Child_Items_.length ; i++)
                        var multicolor = _ProdColors._Child_Items_[i].Label;
                        if (multicolor != null) {
                            resultColorString = resultColorString + "," + multicolor;
                    if (resultColorString.length > 0) {
                        resultColorString = resultColorString.substring(1, resultColorString.length);
       alert('color(s) ' + resultColorString)

Hope it saves some one's time :)



  1. Hi!
    Is there a possibility to use this code to color a row where a specific value is mentioned? We are using Managed Metadata and I'd like to color a row of data when a specific value is in the field of the managed metadata.
    Thanks, BR Michael

  2. Hi Michael, The ProdColors._Child_Items_[i].Label gives the metadata column value, there you can write a condition to check it is equal to your specific value. And there you can apply the style to that row if you are binding items in a table.

    1. Thanks for your answer!
      BR Michael

  3. useful post Purna


  4. Thanks man you saved the day.

  5. This no longer works. _Child_Items is not exposed via JSOM any more. Use listItem.get_item('MMMultifieldname').get_item(0).get_label(); You can see in the JS om for the listItem it is not there (undefined).