Sep 10, 2014

Error :Input String Was Not In a Correct Format in SharePoint Custom List Forms Customization in SharePoint 2007


This is a small post regarding an issue which is encountered while customizing the list forms in Sharepoint 2007 designer. This is the issue i encountered when i tried to save the data in EditForm.aspx after its customization. 

Here is the error details

Generally, If the form is not updated properly or if it is in conflict state we will encounter this error.

After doing some analysis on the web, I found  that WSS 3.0 uses a hidden filed to detect the conflicts in the versions of the file. The  field name is owshiddenversion, ,this is the culprit. 

Here is the syntax of the field used in the form Remove this below line from the form to resolve the issue

<SharePoint:ItemHiddenVersion runat="server" ControlMode="Edit"/>

After removing this line, the form worked as expected. But note that, there will be no versions created , instead it will override the data  from every update. 

Hope it helps .., 

Thanks, Purna