Dec 8, 2014

Error : Internet Explorer Cannot Display this Feed , while opening REST API


This is a small post on how to set feed options to view the REST data in Browser (especially in IE).

As we know generally 

To view the list using REST, we use this url


To view all items :


To view a specific item by its Id :


But sometimes we encounter with error message(shown below) while opening this urls, since the feed settings are disabled on the browser

To resolve and see the data, set these  options in browser

Go to Tools--> Internet Options--> Content --> Feeds and Web Slices provide---> Settings-->Uncheck the  "Turn on feed reading view"(By default it is checked in state)

Now go and refresh the page(or click on atom view), you can see the List in XML Format like below

Note : In this post I have shown the settings of IE10.  For other versions, setting may vary slightly.



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