Sep 24, 2016

ListItem.SystemUpdate is available with new csom version 16.1.5626.1200


Long waiting SystemUpdate() method is available with the release of the new csom version(16.1.5626.1200).

Add this csom package using Nuget by searching "Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM" like below

Once you refer these latest csom assemblies, You can see SystemUpdate method for the ListItem like this

Refer this link for all other properties and methods released with this new csom version .


Sep 22, 2016

Cannot sign in to SharePoint Online using SharePoint Designer 2013 - 403 forbidden403 forbidden403 forbidden403 forbidden403 forbidden

Hi Guys,

Recently i have installed Sharepoint Desinger 2013 and tried to connect to SharePoint Online Site. But it dint allow me to login  and thrown this below error :

"403 forbidden403 forbidden403 forbidden403 forbidden403 forbidden "

I am the tenant admin and have all the rights to open site in designer. So there is no issue with the permissions. The only resolution i found is, updating the designer with ServicePack1.

Here are the links for the service Packs.

Close your designer, install the service pack and re-open it. It works like a charm.!

Hope this helps some one.