Aug 18, 2015

Step by Step Guide to Create Provider Hosted App in Sharepoint 2013 Online with Azure Hosting Model- Part 1

Hello Guys,

In this post I am going to explain you how to develop and publish a SharePoint Provider Hosted app in Online. Here I am using Azure Hosting (low trust or ACS) model to publish the app.

In this post, I am mainly focusing the hands-on steps with very high level information. This is a very big post with 4 parts..

These are the steps involved in building and hosting a provider hosted app in azure.

·       Creating website in windows azure
·       Downloading the azure profile
·       Developing SharePoint provider hosted app in visual studio
·       Generating Client Id and Client Secret in Sharepoint online Site
·       Publishing the appwebsite in to azure
·       Publishing/Uploading  the app in SharePoint online appcatalog
·       Install and Run the App.

Creating website in azure:

Login to azure portal with the Microsoft account and create the azure website from the azure management portal. Like below
Go to azure management portal, Click on Websites in the left pane

Click on “New” link in the bottom left.  Then select Computeà Web AppàQuick Create

Give the url which you want to refer your azure website. Here I am giving it as “”

Select the service plan (make default if you don’t have any subscription)

Then Click Create Web App link in the down. It will create a webapp with the provided url.

Click on the URL (, it should show like this.

Now we are ready with the azure website. In next steps in this post, we will publish our sharepoint app web on to this website.

To publish the appwebsite on to this azure website, we have to use the profile of this website while publishing. So download the profile and save it to your desktop. We will use it in our next steps. How to download..? See below

Download the azure profile:

Go to azure management portal and click on the Website Name.

And download the publish profile. Save it to your desktop or some folder in your system.

The profile would have extension “.publishsettings”(in my case this is the profile  : “”.)

With this the azure website and its profile creation is done.

Now let’s go and create the SharePoint Provider Hosted app. Follow next post for the continuation...

Refer Part2 for the continuation..

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