Aug 18, 2015

Step by Step Guide to Create Provider Hosted App in Sharepoint 2013 Online with Azure Hosting Model- Part 2

This is a continuation to my previous post.Step by Step Guide to Create Provider Hosted App in Sharepoint 2013 Online with Azure Hosting Model- Part 1

Developing SharePoint provider hosted app in visual studio:

Open visual studio (in my case 2013)à Newà Project àClick on Office/Sharepoint Templates à Appà 

then select the “App for SharePoint” template. Give the name as “MSPProviderHostedDemo”.

Give the url of your sharepoint site. (Here I am giving my sharepoint online site url).
And select the option Provider Hosted as we are dealing with provider hosted in this demo.

Say next, and select the SharePoint Online as the target

Say Next.  In next screen elect Aspnet/mvc. Here iam going with web forms appn for this demo.
In Next screen, this is something important to know. See the below screen.

Here we have two options to authenticate our app with the site.

  •    Windows Azure Access Control Service – This is also called as ACS or low trust hosting      type. Basically this will be used when the appwebsite is hosted in azure. In our case we will be   using this.
  •   Use a Certificate – This is also called as High Trust/ Server to server authentication model.  Here the appwebsite is hosted on to a IIS website in a server instead in azure. The handshake  between the app and the website is done by the certificate.

Say Finish. For more details, refer authentication and hosting techniques from msdn.

So now our solution structure will be like this. It contains two projects. AppProject and AppWebProject like below.

Once you build the AppProject, itwill give the .app file(like .wsp for our sp solutions). We will publish this file to sharepoint site.

The appwebproject , we will deploy/host/publish this appwebproject to azure website.

We are ready with the solution.. Lets write a simple code for the app and web ..follow next post for the continuation...

Refer Part3 for the continuation..

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