Aug 18, 2015

Step by Step Guide to Create Provider Hosted App in Sharepoint 2013 Online with Azure Hosting Model- Part 3

Now let’s write the business logic which you required.  Here Just I am placing some div with text in default.aspx.

Next step is we need to register the client id and client secret in sharepoint site and use them in our app. (What is this Client id and Client secret??- Big QuestionJ,)

But I am not going to write details about it in this post…L ). Let’s concentrate on the steps to generate…

Generating Client Id and Client Secret in Sharepoint Online Site:

Go to the _layouts/15/appregnew.aspx page in your SharePoint site and generate client id, client secret and give the details as shown in following screen.

Title: MSPDemoProviderApp

AppDomain : Give the domain of the azure website(don’t provide http/https). In our case, it is

Redirect Url : Give the url of the azure web page where your app need to redirect/land.

The reason to give above url is, we are hosting appwebproject in to azure website. So our page default.aspx is placed in to azure site. Here we are saying the app that, go/redirect to default.aspx page in azure website upon its click.

Say Create. And save the information in to note pad.

Now we are ready with client id, client secret etc. We will use this information in our appsolution.
Go to
AppManifest.xml in AppProject(MSPProviderHostedDemo), set the required settings Title, Version , Start Page etc.. like below.

Permissions: Here I am setting Web : Full Control. Anyhow we are not dealing with any sharepoint functionality here.. But just to show you the app permissions tab, here I am giving this.

Now Right Click on AppManifest file and say view code.

Replace the Clinet Id * with the above generated client id. Like this.

And also update the Client Id and Client Secret in web.config of app webproject (MSPProviderHostedDemoWeb )with the generated Ids like below.

With this the required settings to host the app are completed in our visual studio solution. Now let’s publish the appwebproject in to azure site.

Publish the appwebsite into azure:

Right click on AppWebProject(MSPProviderHostedDemoWeb) à Say Publish.

Say Import and select Import from a publish profile file.

Then browse and select the azure profile which you downloaded in above steps.(

Now it shows the connection information like below

Click the Validate connection, it should passed. Then Click Next.In Settings Window, Select Configuration as Release like below.

Then say next. Click Start Preview to see what files are going to place in azure. For the first time it publishes all your appwebproject files. From next time onwards, when you say publish it will only publish the modified files.

Now say Publish. In the OutPut window of visual studio it says “Publishe Successed” for successful publish.

With this the appwebsite publishing to azure is completed.. Lets Publish the app in to sharepoint online site in next post..  
Refer Part4 for the continuation..

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